Friday, June 17, 2011

Good news and waiting room blues..

We arrived at the dr's office at 8:55 for our 9 o'clock appointment. The room was packed and there were only a couple seats still available. From the look of the waiting area and the number of kids that appeared to be expecting, I've decided that our youth is doomed. There's one young "daddy" with ear rings the size of saucers. There were more tattoos than hormones. Sigh.

We sat across from an adorable little girl dressed in pink. She couldn't have been more than a few months old. It provided us with a little glimpse of what possibly awaits us. We weren't the only ones in the room with nervous looks on our faces. It's seems to be the common thing in an OBGYN waiting room. When they called us back, they asked why we were here today. My wife couldn't find the words so I interjected. "She took a home pregnancy test and passed."
They gave my wife a cup to pee in and told me to have a seat in room 9. I went there to find someone else already in there. Oops. I was told they wouldn't be in there long and they sent us on to a waiting area. They eventually moved us to that room. The nurse said they didn't schedule us for an "OB" appointment. They had us down for a "GYN" appointment. They told us we wouldn't see a doctor today unless we "wanted to". Umm yeah, we wanted to. Seriously, you're playing with people's emotions here. The nurse asked if we wanted to take a pregnancy test to confirm. The answer was yes. She told us it would be the next Wednesday or Thursday before we could get in for a "OB" appointment. I'm happy to report my wife didn't strangle her. She looked like she was going to. I told her it'll be ok and we'll reschedule and come back. We now have an 8:30 appointment for June 23.

We have no further news other than WE'RE PREGNANT! That's good enough for me. For now.


  1. Yay! And you are so correct about today's youth and future parents!

  2. I'm excited! They said it's probably best to wait another week anyway for the ultrasound. Hard to wait though... ANOTHER WEEK!!!!