Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Surprise Anniversary

June 11, 2011

This is the day we celebrate our 6 year anniversary. I woke up around 8 in the morning and my two sons were already up and in the living room. I had them get their shoes on and we went to pick up some bagels and a caramel latte for my wife. Panera has been her favorite for years. When I checked in using foursquare, it told me the last time I had been there was in October 2010. That was for my wife's birthday. So this is a normal ritual.

When we left the bagel shop I thought about stopping by the local grocery store to pick up a card and some flowers but decided to wait so her coffee wouldn't get cold. I told the boys that we would make a secret run later in the day. Little did I know that my world was about to majorly change.

We arrived back at the house and I saw that the bedroom door was open. She had been up. I went into the bedroom and told her we picked up breakfast. As I started back to the kitchen she called my name. I went back to the bedroom and she handed me the pregnancy test wrapped in a sandwich bag. That's supposed to keep the pee off your hands, I suppose. Everything stopped. I held my breath. Not knowing if this was real or a dream. She had a nervous look on her face. She said "It's positive.". I checked for myself. At first, all I noticed was one line facing vertical. I wasn't sure what that meant. She said to look at the indicator. Negative is horizontal. There was only a faint horizontal line. The vertical was fierce. It. Was. Positive.

A million thoughts went through my mind. I almost... (almost) forgot to grab her and hug her. I did and I told her how happy I was. I really was. I was nervous and terrified too. What will we do with a third child? We need a bigger house. Babies are expensive. We're still recovering from when I broke my leg and I need some dental work done. Those bills have to be paid. How can we do this?? I know God will provide and he won't bring you to a situation without a way to bring you through it. I posted a picture of the positive test on facebook and twitter to tell the world what we hadn't confirmed with a medical doctor. WE'RE HAVING A BABY!!!!!

I called my mom over and over until she answered her phone. I called my dad. I texted friends. I called my sister. I can't explain the excitement a daddy feels when he hears that his wife is bringing another child into this world. There's no words that would ever do it justice. The boys and I did end up making that flower and card run. Once I wrapped my head around the situation and recovered from the initial shock.

I laid awake way past midnight with all of these thoughts running through my head. One thing kept coming to me. "In the end, you're not going to remember the nights you got plenty of sleep." We can do this. Yes, we can do this and I can't wait.

We made a doctor's appointment for the following Friday. The 17th. Can we REALLY wait that long to know what we think we already know? When will she be due? When will I get to hold my daughter... or son... Since we have two boys, there's a part of us that's hoping to add a little girl to our family. After all, four boys in the house may be enough to finally drive my wife insane. Either way though, we pray for a healthy baby. We're excited about what the future will bring. No matter how many obstacles we face, we'll face them together. Man, I love my (growing) family.


(Note: I am going to blog throughout the pregnancy from my perspective. I would like to put a book together for the baby but that's getting way ahead of myself. We'll see..)

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