Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A poem for the twins

I love to write. I don't really worry about if it's any good or not. It helps me release what I have inside. My wife and I met when we worked together. I wrote her little poems when we were dating. She sat right beside me in the office and I would try to make her smile. I've written poems about everything. For her, my sons, and just about life in general. Some are pretty good, I'm told. Others probably stink. It's fine with me. It's kind of therapy for me.

I thought it would be a good time to write a little poem for the twins. I was on lunch today, listening to music,with my feet on my desk. I heard a line in a song that said "By the time you hear this..". That made me want to put into words some of the thoughts running through my mind. How I want the babies growing inside my wife to know that from day 1, Daddy had their back. I was there. I can't really say that my dad was always there for me. He wasn't. I love him but we're more like friends than anything. It worked out great though. It made me want to be a great dad. The best I could be. I made a promise to myself that there wouldn't be anything that I put above my children. I won't let them down.

Anyway, this is what i jotted down. Just a few words. Daddy loves you.

By the time you read this

You will be here

I want you to know
How much I care

You know me as daddy

And you always will

Wanted to tell you

How happy I feel

I think of you constantly

You're on my mind

I'm so blessed to have you

God is so kind

He gave me blessings

The two of you

Your brothers and Mommy

And salvation too

The road that we take
Won't always be smooth

We'll do it together

He'll see us through

One day I pray

You'll know what I'm like

I'll teach you to fish

And to ride a bike

I'll show you the ropes

That I got to see

By the time you read this

You'll be with me

Through highs and lows

This is always true

God is great

And Daddy loves you