Sunday, June 26, 2011

$ $

We looked through some "must have" items for twins this morning. Some of the stuff seemed useful

That's pretty cool and I could see us using that but it's not cheap.

Other things, not so much

Really? Is that thing legal?
It's actually pretty amazing how many people are making money off of expecting/new parents. There's books, dvds, and websites that tell you what to do every step of the way. Who says kids don't come with a manual? They can, for the low price of $49.99. I need to start making some extra money myself. Anyone want to buy some moon dust? It helps with diaper rash.

We have been trying to figure up the cost of bringing these little bundles of joy into the world. I'm going to have to start making some extra income. I've thought about building computers and selling them. It's pretty easy and I find some great deals on parts. There are a lot of little shops that have popped up in the last few years so I would need to bring something different to the table. Personality? I'll have to charge extra to be witty. Maybe I could deliver the computers to your door in a "not so new" mini-van. I have a couple little artist who do great work with crayons. They could liven up the "pc man" van. Just not sure if that would be enough to support a family of 6. I know we're not the first couple to have 4 kids. If we're special, it's just like everyone else. I also know God will provide. I'm trying to be brave here. They say, though, that you can't be brave before first being afraid. Let me enjoy this small panic attack while I still have the time to.

On the bright side, we will get to claim them on our income taxes after the end of 2012. I pray that there's some decent breaks at that time. Daddy's little tax exemptions.

Every little bit helps.

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