Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Brothers, lack of sleep, etc..

Since my last post, I've been thinking about what I wanted to get in the next one. I wanted to get my sons' perspective.

When I told Isaiah that mommy was having another baby, he laughed. I asked him if he likes babies. With his patented smile, he said yeah but they pull your hair and scratch your face. He said he loves his cousin Lauryn (she's 1) and lives in MA. I can tell he's excited. He'll be such a good big brother.

When I told Jay, he said "HUH??" And smiled. He said "Do we get bunk beds?" I was thinking (to myself) probably, out of necessity. He immediately said "I hope it's a girl. That seems to be the general consensus. He also is excited. He has this big brother role down.

My wife hasn't felt real good the past couple nights. My mom told her she had night sickness when she carried me. (I probably made her sick a few times growing up too.) She's not sleeping well so I'm not either. She's just restless at this point. It's hard for 2 people to occupy a queen size bed and it gets worse when one of those people are getting fat..err..I mean pregnant.

The 17th is getting closer and the next post will follow after. Hopefully I'll have more info on the little blessing. I'm getting excited! I can still see the worry in my wife's eyes that there's still a possibility we'll be blessed with another boy. I know she would love him just as much. Like I said before, I'll be happy with either. I'm just happy for the opportunity.



  1. Love the pic-is it a tee shirt? Love your enthusiasm! Can't wait till Friday!

  2. Yeah. It's a shirt I found online. Haha.