Friday, July 15, 2011

Twin A and Twin B

We've been waiting not so patiently for this next doctor's visit. It's finally here. I have the next week off. A little "staycation". I left work at 2 to make it to the baby doctor's office by 3. I beat my wife there by 30 minutes. Can you tell that I'm excited?!? We get to have another ultrasound today. This is the appointment where they screen for any possible problems in the womb. We've been told that in addition to the ultrasound, they'll take some blood. They'll probably check Karyn's weight, etc. I'm hoping to hear a couple little heartbeats and maybe score another picture of the growing Smith twins. We'll call them "Twin A" and "Twin B" for today. I was going to call them "Walker" and "Texas Ranger" but I got "The Look" from Mommy. A and B it is.

We arrived in the office at 2:59. Seated in an empty waiting room with pictures of babies on the walls. Mostly Anne Geddes type pictures but "JDavis photography". A t.v. on the wall playing Dr. Phil. Luckily we weren't in there very long before they sent us back to the ultrasound room. Once in there, they had Karyn lay back on the table and squirted about 8 gallons of lube on her belly.

We spent about 25 minutes looking at the babies via the ultrasound. Twin A was a lot more cooperative than Twin B. Which I found odd considering Twin B got the top bunk. The ultrasound tech took measurements of both babies. She said that they measure the skin on the back of their necks, heartbeats, and length. They send the blood work off to be compared with the data from the ultrasound. That's how they determine the risk percentage. The nurse said the measurements look good and are normal. We'll have to wait 7-10 days for the results to come back for the blood work. Good news so far! God is great!!

I asked the nurse if we're having boys or girls or one of each. She didn't know (of course) but said we may not have to wait the full 20 weeks that most people do. Since we're having twins, we get to have ultrasounds more frequently. She said we may be able to know at 16 or 17 weeks if they cooperate. We got to hear their little heartbeats. Twin A was at 178 and Twin B at 173. The race is on! I asked about the location of the babies in my wife. Twin A is low and toward the back. Twin B is up and toward the front. They both look like me.
Our next appointment will be in 4 weeks for blood test, weight, etc. Then 4 weeks after that is when we're supposed to do the ultrasound that will tell us he/she. That doesn't really line up with us finding out sooner than most people so there may be another ultrasound in a month. I hope! Until then, we'll keep feeding them well and we'll keep everyone posted.

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