Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sitting here thinking...

Hey guys. I'm sitting here writing this while you are tucked away in sleeping mommy's belly. I just felt like talking to you. Tell you some words of advice that I plan to. Tomorrow isn't promised. "James 4:14" Be happy. Be what you want to be with good intentions. I don't believe any life is wasted. Make yours something special. Even if it's simple. Make it yours. Be faithful. The straight path is always best. We all stray from it. Just always know where it is. Let God guide you. Be honest. A liar never succeeds. What you do comes back to you. Be nice. Nice people enjoy life a little more. Don't hold grudges. You can't be happy if you do. Think of you. Be respectful. Most of all, to your mother. A good mother sacrifices so much for their children. Your mommy is a great one. Be grateful. Gratitude is totally underrated. We can all be rich. You can make more or want less. Brush your teeth, comb your hair, and never let your pants sag... yada yada yada. I probably lost you at hey guys. But.. the great equalizer. One day when you have kids. You will offer some advice to your children. Then you will know. I love you guys. I'm joining you in peaceful sleep now. I'm so grateful. Goodnight.

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