Monday, November 7, 2011

A note from Daddy

Hey girls! Thought I would write you a little note and tell you what's going on at this point in your development. I get a newsletter email thingy that tells me how much you probably weigh and what's happening with your tiny bodies. How you're getting more fat (it's a good thing). How you're about 2 lbs (like a cauliflower). You are 2lbs 4oz. You sleep and wake. Open and close your eyes. Suck on your fingers. And I bet you hear Daddy talk to you. I sing Rocky Top to you. I tell you both how much you and Mommy mean to me.

Mommy is doing a great job. She's taking care of you and she rarely fusses. I know that what she's going through isn't easy. She's very good to our family and loves you very much. One day you will look back and realize how special Mommy is. I pray that you appreciate her. We will try our hardest to help you become the type of lady that your mother is. Can you tell that I love her? One day, someone will feel about you the way I feel about Mommy. When you're 30 and start dating.

You girls still have some more baking to do before you arrive but I can't wait to hold my little ladies. I will kiss your little heads covered in soft hair. Comfort you when you cry. Wipe your tears.. and your butts. I will strap you in your car seats and drive slow enough to annoy a 90 year lady. I will squirt formula on my wrist 5000 times after warming your bottles to ensure it's the perfect temp. I will be there for you and I can't wait.

We have a great support system around us that lets us be us. We couldn't do it without our moms, especially. The wisdom and diapers. The advice and tiny pink wardrobes. The knitted blankets filled with all kinds of love. The love you'll get when Daddy and Mommy go back to work. Nana and Grammy love you girls (and your brothers and even your parents). I've asked them to write a little something for you two angels. Both have agreed and there is nothing better in this world than advice from women like them. Cherish it and them. Not many things that I'll teach you is as important as this.

OK.. time for me and Mommy to wind down the day. Time for you girls to listen for Daddy's voice. You'll probably just hear mumbling so I'll give you a hint of what it'll say, "Audrey.. Bailey.., Daddy loves you."

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