Friday, November 18, 2011


Audrey and Bailey – Your Daddy asked me to write something to you for his blog which is totally dedicated to the both of you. You won’t understand anything about the blog for quite a while, however; as you grow into the beautiful girls that you will become, you will understand more and more about the special gift that your Daddy has given you!

I am your Grammy Faulk! I live in Massachusetts with your Grampy which is way too far from you! I am your Mommy’s Mommy (yes she does have a Mommy too)!

Even though Grampy and I haven’t met you yet, we love you both so much and are so excited to meet you in just a couple months! As I think about you every day, I envision what you both will look like but actually have absolutely no idea (only God knows that right now). I do know that you are very beautiful, cute, and precious. Your Daddy calls you his little princesses and his angels! I used to call you Cutie and Patootie but now that you have names, I love to call you by your given names!

Grampy and I pray for you every day! We pray for so many things for you. We pray that God will keep you both safe and healthy (before and after you are born), that you will be good to Mommy since there are two of you to feed and take care of, that you will love your family, and we are already praying for both your mates (shhhh don’t tell Daddy)! Most importantly we are praying that one day you will both receive Jesus as your Savior and love Him with all your hearts! That is the most important decision that you will ever make in your lives! We love Jesus so much and we want you to love Him just as much! And guess what – Jesus loves you even more than Mommy, Daddy, Grampy, Grammy, Nana, Pappy, and Papaw all put together! That sure is a whole lot of love!

When your Mommy was a little girl, she was so cute! She had the most beautiful long blonde hair that was always fixed up so pretty! She was usually very shy (until she really got to know someone – then look out)! She was extremely smart and very competitive! She was the tallest in our family. Since your Daddy is tall, I’m pretty sure that both of you will be tall also, just like your brothers! The funniest thing I can remember about your Mommy was that when she was about 3 or 4 years old, she loved apples but when she ate them, she wouldn’t eat and swallow the peels. She just chewed them up and kept them stored in her cheeks for hours just like a squirrel does with nuts! I guess she didn’t like the peels even though they were very good for her! Your Mommy grew up to be a very beautiful lady and I know that one day you will both be just like her!

Grampy and I are going to come visit you soon after you are born. We very excited to hold you, snuggle with you, feed you, sing and talk to you, and help take care of you! Your Mommy will be hurting for a while after you are born so after your Daddy goes back to work, I will be there to help Mommy! I am so excited and can’t wait! We need to let Daddy have his time with you first because once we get there, you will be all ours!!!!

Well little angels, I better stop writing now or Daddy might run out of room on the page. I love you both so much and will see you both in a couple months!


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