Tuesday, December 27, 2011

35 Weeks

We arrived for our 2:00 appointment at 1:45. KARYN WAS EARLY!!! If you know her, you know that never happens. She left work earlier than she usually does because it's cold and rainy out. She was allowing extra time to be extra safe. HUGE shout out to her for this. So so so very proud of her.

We just thought to ask if her doctor's office validates parking. They don't. I joked with the receptionist that I was surprised we're not being double charged for parking since she's carrying twins. The lady joked back that I probably shouldn't give them that idea. We're sitting in this, all too familiar, waiting room with 8 pregnant women and 2 dads (including myself). With today's check in, I became Mayor of Ft. Sanders Hospital on Foursquare. About time. I plan on holding that title for a while. With us now on weekly visits and getting close to time for delivery, I will be here often. There's a lot of grunting from the pregnant women in here. It's not just my wife. I can hear 1 lady telling another that she's pregnant with her 1st and she's so uncomfortable. My wife is carrying twice the babies and a thyroid tumor. My wife is tougher than any woman I know. She's my hero. So proud of her. We're waiting on the nurse to call her name and they better hurry. She's holding in a full bladder, waiting to give a sample. I have a feeling it's going to look like her water broke in the waiting room soon. I went to the receptionist and they went ahead and gave her a cup and off she goes! I'm alone in the waiting room now hearing words like cervix and uterus from the women around me. It doesn't even bother me anymore. I'm a pro at this by now. I've heard it all.

We get called back and they weigh her and took her blood pressure. All good. They're doing a swab today to see if she needs antibiotics at birth. We've never seen this nurse before and she's not real nice. I guess they can't all be gumdrops. From where I'm sitting, I can see something that looks like a pipe cleaner, on the floor, hanging half way out from under the table my wife is sitting on. I will find out what that is because it's gross if it's used. Even if it's not, eww. Thought about testing my blood pressure while we wait. I didn't. You wouldn't believe some of the things I do in these rooms while waiting on the doctors. I don't do anything that doesn't make Karyn laugh hysterically. K is getting restless wanting the doctor to hurry up. If she asks me to push the nurse button on the wall one more time, I'm going to do it. She's getting uncomfortable sitting on the table. She's never comfortable anywhere, anytime, in any position, anymore. As you can imagine, it's painful. She is ready for the baby girls to get here. So am I. Not just for selfish reasons, either. I hate seeing my wife suffer. That part sucks but it's for a great reason. A great blessing.

The doctor came in. It's not Karyn's regular doctor. An older lady who we find out has twin 23 year olds. I feel like we're in good hands. She asked the normal questions, "How do you feel?"Karyn laughs. "Notice anything different? Are you sleeping?" Karyn laughs. I love this about my wife. She's very lighthearted. She could have rattled off a list like the lady in the waiting room. She didn't. I have to tell the doctor all of what ailes my wife. Like she has 1 swollen ankle. Normal. Babies could be just leaning to one side. Elevate and drink plenty of water. I won't go into all of our questions. Some were answered. Some weren't. Some are just wait and see. The first question the nurse asked Karyn was the most difficult to answer. "Are you ready?" .......... Are we? Probably not because nobody ever is. We're as ready as we're going to be. We've been preparing mentally while K's body prepares physically for weeks. The doc checked my wife's cervix. Still closed but said with both little ladies breached (head up high, feet down low), that would be likely. We're not really waiting on her water to break. It could happen but when her body says "labor time", it's time. They won't stop labor after 36 weeks. It's the doctor on call's call between now and next Wednesday, if it starts. We, of course, have mixed feelings. Want them to stay in there and grow as much as possible but not break Mommy in half. There's a lot of baby in there already.

We go back next Tuesday for the 36 week visit. AND ULTRASOUND! Will be cool to know how much Daddy's princesses weigh. If they stay in there that long. Karyn's holding up pretty well considering. She's tired a lot, as expected. She's not sleeping much at night. I never know where I'll find her crashed out. Couch or bed. The doctor today told her to try and sleep in the recliner. If that works, you know what that means... I get the bed to myself. I will spread my wings and sleep like I've dreamed about for weeks. Kidding (kind of). I will miss my little angels kicking ME through Mommy and of course, Mommy's snoring. We celebrated our new babies first Christmas and now we look forward to a new year... as proud parents of twin girls. We love you Audrey and Bailey and we'll see you soon! Praying often for our growing family. Thankful.

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