Friday, December 30, 2011

Coming soon, we think...

Hey girls,

Daddy just felt like writing you. It's after midnight now on December 30th night. It's now officially New Years Eve and It won't be long until you're here. Tonight was fun. I took some video of you guys moving around inside of Mommy. Audrey, girl you are bouncing! Slow your roll. Haha. Bailey, it's so cool to see your tiny little head and arm roll around. This is such a special moment in our lives. Mommy is about as pregnant as she's going to get. She's beautiful. I'm honored to be her husband. I pray you girls are sweet, lovely ladies like her. She is an amazing woman and you better appreciate her. If you take nothing else from all that I've written, love your mother and be thankful.

Mommy has contractions all throughout the day at this point in the pregnancy. Some really hurt. Others aren't as bad. That's per Mommy. You guys kind of push out in opposite directions. It can be tough determining what's a contraction and what's just you guys being rowdy. We're so anxious to have you here. It's not like we're going to lose anymore sleep than we already do. Mommy isn't sleeping. She can't really lay on her sides, or her back, or her stomach. She has seriously slept halfway sitting up. Whatever works. I'm in "ready" mode. I hear a bump in the night and I think it's go time. I hear grunts. I wake up. I lie awake and think about you and Mommy. Like I am doing right now. Mommy is trying to sleep and I'm too excited to go to sleep because you are coming soon (and college football is on).

I pray for you guys and Mommy. I love our family. We may not have all of the finest things and our house is going to be snug for a while but there's NOTHING we can't do. With God and hard work. We will go through every moment of it together. I'm sure Mommy will show you how to be a lady. Daddy will show you how to be a corny goofball (I'm good at that). You will never not feel loved. You and your brothers are everything to me and Mommy. I better lay down now. What if tonight's the night? I have to be of as clear of mind and focused as ever to make sure everything goes as smooth as possible. When it's the time... Know this, when I put down this tablet, I'm kissing the loves of my life through the love of my life's skin. I'll say your prayers with you. I hope you rest for Mommy. I'll be right there beside you. Goodnight my angels.

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