Monday, October 17, 2011

Registering for the twins...

Ah the joys of registering for a new baby or two. It can be so much fun picking out stuff you would love to have but will probably never get. You end up finding stuff cheaper or given to you by someone slightly used. And I think that's fine for the most part. A couple of exceptions, of course. I have a thing about open containers of diapers and wipes. Call me nuts but there's something about knowing someone else wiped a butt and handled the pack after. No thanks. There are some items we're buying used. It's expensive having a baby. TWO babies are on a whole other level.

If you've never done this, this will hopefully give you a little glimpse into the process. You take the fun little scanner that they give you and ring up items that are needed. You then enter the quanity of the items that you need. Then you are given a link to distribute to friends, family, neighbors, ex-girlfriends, and non-profit organizations. Ok, I made up the last few. They buy the items needed baby shower style (l'll explain baby showers in a future post. I actually attended one. Awkward but enlightening). This process help new parents financially and gives women the opportunity to bond over shopping. Everybody knows that men hate shopping so not many men take part unless their wives make them. The expecting father knows he should step up and help out with the registering part. If he's a good man he does it. I did it. Not bragging. Just saying.

I found it to be interesting seeing all of the new products they have now that they didn't have even 5 years ago. They mass produce baby video monitors. So you can watch your baby sleep from another room. That would even work for teenagers until the room was no longer visable through the pile of dirty clothes on the floor. I have sisters. I know. Guess that would be an invasion of privacy, I suppose, but it would've kept me out of some trouble. Our room (me and my brother) wasn't a room, it was our fortress and lab.

We registered at Target for several reasons. The products there seem to be a little better quality. I'm confident there's no lead in the baby bathtubs. They're reasonably priced. Last but certainly not least, they bribed us with a $20 gift card. We're frugal. We have to be now. Sugar water and mayonnaise sandwiches aren't that bad. Joking. I hate sugar water. I saw a lot of cool things while shopping. A lot of "I love my Daddy" and "Daddy's little girl" items which I will promptly be buying two of very shortly. Still looking for "Daddy's little tax deduction" and "Why is Daddy crying?" shirts.

They had blankets made out of the softest materials on earth. This one I saw may have actually been made from the soft fur on the back of a baby tiger's paw. Probably wasn't. We found lots of pink and purple stuff for my little princesses. Not a big fan of the purple but the pink stuff, I dig. All and all, it was a good experience. We got tired and we had Isaiah with us. Shopping with a 5 year old is challenging. Can only imagine what it'll be like shopping with twins. We don't want to. At all. So hoping people buy us stuff simply so we don't have to go the store with 4 kids. It is awesome having the family and friend support system that we have. We thank God for them. Even if you don't take part in the shower festivities, please keep praying for our growing family. The economy stinks, but prayer is priceless. But here's the link just in case... ;)

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