Friday, October 7, 2011

23 Weeks and 2 Days

Sitting in any waiting area at a hospital can be interesting and at worst, dangerous. I'm sitting here waiting on my lovely wife to arrive. She's late. That's normal. Just saw a guy with his son on a leash. He was just pulling him to the left and pulling him to the right. I fully expected him to start barking orders like "sit, stay, and roll over". He didn't at least as long as he was in front of me. I am fully opposed to the kid leash thing. They're not puppies. Let the kid walk, dad. He needs you to lead him by example. Not a leash.

This is our 1st baby doctor appointment since we found out we're having two little princesses. We (I) arrive on time for our 9:30 appointment and they call us back shortly after. They weighed Karyn but she wouldn't tell me what it said. I went on back to exam room #7 while she gave a urine sample. It smelled like a restroom in Mexico. Had to hold my breath at first. I got used to it after a few minutes. The nurse came in and checked her vitals. She said my wife has a good strong heart... I know.

I really do play a part while I'm here. I remember all the questions we come up with in between appointments. Often times, I'm asking questions for my wife which can be awkward. She has a LOT on her mind so I want to help if I can. A lot of the questions are about girlie parts and such. I'm learning though. With twin girls on the way, I'm going to need to learn a lot in a short time. I'm trying. I asked the nurse if we can be certain Twin A and Twin B can be identified at birth so they can be appropriately named. You know... The whole Audrey/Bailey thing. She didn't know but said she would find out. I'll keep asking.

She's gained 13 pounds since our first visit in June. Seems like forever ago and she seems like she's grown more than 13 pounds. I've gained more than 13 pounds. Seriously. We sat for a good 20 minutes in our exam room listening to a couple doctors chat about a c-section of another lady. Come on fellas. Save that for the break room. I'm trying to keep a pregnant lady, sane. It must seem like I'm not paying attention to the untrained eye since I'm always on my phone while we're here. If I don't take notes while we're here, I will forget details. I don't want anything getting left behind by my brain. It's working overtime.

There's been a baby screaming in the next room since we arrived and my head hurts. I want to go over and pick that kid up. I think they may frown on that if I did. I suppose I should be getting used to hearing it since we're not too far away from having TWO screaming kiddos at home. Still, pick up that kid and give it what it wants. Please.

The doctor finally came in and listened to heartbeats. Checked Karyn's thyroid. All is as expected. No ultrasound today. He told my wife to eat lots of fiber but I won't tell you why. She's also supposed to be drinking lots of water. That's up to her to do. You know what they say about leading a pregnant lady to water.. or horse. Whatever. He told us what to look for with contractions so we know if it's labor. He went into detail about what delivery could be like but it's all speculation at this point. With multiples, there is so much that we won't know. We do know that it's unlikely that the delivery will be scheduled. So any of 7 doctors could possibly deliver the twins. Karyn wants her doctor to deliver but it doesn't matter to me. The nurses do all the work anyway.

Not a whole lot to share from this visit. Though Karyn may say I've shared plenty more than I should. We go back to the doctor November 4th. We'll have another ultrasound then and we'll do the glucose test. We'll try to keep you posted along the way. We are so busy right now. It's tough staying sane. One thing is for sure, mommy's belly sure is getting lots of kisses. Can't wait to hold my little girls.

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