Sunday, September 11, 2011

Daddy's little girls

I'm speechless. As you know, that's not like me. We found out Friday that the twins my wife is carrying are both girls. Daddy's little girls. We had an 8:30 appointment and arrived a few minutes early. They checked all of my wife's vitals and weighed her. Everything looks good. We go into exam room 5. An ultrasound room with a large flat screen on the wall to project the images seen on the monitor in front of the nurse performing the ultrasound. She said she's been doing ultrasounds for 20+ years so I'm confident in her expertise. She has Karyn lay back on the exam table and squirts 2 gallons of liquid on to her swelling belly. It caught her off guard because it wasn't cold. They keep the liquid in a warmer.

We started with Twin A. She's the one closest to my wife's cervix. She measured her head, her fibula, and we looked at her face. We could tell that her nose and lips are normal. We got to see the blood flow to her brain and the arteries in the umbilical cord. It was incredible. The nurse asked if we wanted to find out the sexes. Uh, yeah. How could we not? We're expecting twins and have two boys at home. She proceeded to scan Twin A's backside. I asked what we're looking for. We're looking for something or nothing. The only ultrasounds I've seen so far always have something. This one had nothing. IT'S A GIRL! I have chills writing this. We're having at least one girl. Karyn won't kill me. Yay! She told me that morning that I better wear my tennis shoes because "If they say two boys, you had better run." My wife is the constant joker. Not really but she has her moments. I wore my tennis shoes just in case. The nurse spent about 30 minutes after we found out the sex of Baby Girl A scanning and measuring and listening to her heartbeat. I was in awe. Baby Girl A was beautiful. As beautiful as an ultrasound can be. As beautiful as we can imagine her to be. I was ready to know about Twin B.

She moved over to Twin B and starting scanning. Heartbeat, measuring the head, measuring the bones, cord, and spine. All look great! It felt like an eternity waiting to know. We turn our attention once again to the backside. Once again.. There. Was. Nothing.... IT'S A GIRL! Wow! She's beautiful. TWO girls. Daddy's little girls. Two little Karyns. Fantastic. Incredible. Shocking but then again, not. We had prepared ourselves for whatever we may find out. I don't think we fully expected the news but were thrilled. How exciting. I wanted to keep watching the little movie stars on the big screen but I also knew I had to let the Grandmas know. I texted my mom and emailed my mother in law (at the exact same time , of course). I just said "GIRLS!!!". Then I posted "Daddy's little GIRLS" as my status. I may have temporarily broke the internets because my phone blew up. I had to turn it to silent so we could finish with the ultrasounds.

The girls look great! They both weigh 10 ounces and one measured at 19 weeks and 1 day. The other measured at 19 weeks and 2 days. They are neck and neck. That's exactly what we want. They're both getting the nourishment they need from Mommy. During the ultrasound we noticed that Baby Girl A kept kicking Baby Girl B in the head. Not cool Baby Girl A. No fighting with your sister! It's too soon for that. There will be plenty of time for that when you are teenagers. Ugh. We will be raising two babies, two two year olds, and two teenage girls as some point. Pray for us.

I'm so happy and excited! I don't really know what to expect. I know how little boys are. I know about baseball games, football, scrapped knees, and wrestling. I don't know a whole lot about hair bows, dresses, and make-up. I just know from what I've seen growing up with 5 sisters (2 older, 3 younger) and from watching my brother's daughters grow up. He has 4 daughters and my older sister has a little girl. They make me excited about having daughters of my own. I'm pretty sure we're going to need a house with 6 bathrooms. I'm pretty sure I will run off any possible boyfriends when they're teenagers. I'm positive they're going to have me wrapped around their tiny fingers. It's a new chapter in this Daddy's book. A new story to be told. A story that's kind of hard to tell when Daddy's little girls leave him speechless.

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  1. They will always be Daddy's Little Princesses! We are so happy for you!